Professional Competency Certification of Orthotist and Prosthetist (PCC) applied to those Orthotist and Prosthetists, who are rigorously assessed for and found competent to assist patients with disabling conditions of limbs and spine or with partial or total absence of limb by fitting and preparing orthopedic braces or prostheses.

Candidacy Criteria:

Applicants who completed following:
Minimum 16-year education with terminal degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics may be titled as: BSc(Hons), BS or Master degree with second division under annual system. Minimum 2.50 CGPA Semester system. The educational programs must cover comprehensive list of Assessment, Design, Material, Fabrication, Measurements, Planning and prosthesis. A Good Standing Certificate & Registration of CAHSP  With six-month internship. Two year full-time and paid job experience as Orthotist and Prosthetist.


1. Candidacy Criteria
2. Application Process
3. Pretest
4. PCCS Certification Test


Application Form


A candidate is required to complete online “Pretest” assessment questionnaire within Five days after completing Application process.

PCCS Certification Test

PCCS certification will be administered as computer based online test at approved test centers. Candidate will be required to respond 120 MCQ type questions in two-hour time. Passing score required for the “PCC” 75%. Venue, Schedule, Login and Password will be emailed to each candidate seven days prior to the test date. Candidates will be required to bring original National ID card and exam slip with them coming to venue as a permission to appear in the CERTIFICATION exam.

Certification Period

Validity tenure of initial certification is five-year, renewable for next five years which require practice as prescribed in an approved Certification Scheme. A certified Orthotics and Prosthetics will be required to complete minimum 100 Credit of CME / CPD as one hour CME is equal to one hour of face to face interaction, shall remain in Good Standing of national registration body and follow PCCS Code of Conduct and prescribed standard of services to maintain “PCC” status. These are general requirements for recertification in the same status “PCC”.

Future Highlights:

Advanced Board of Prosthetics” Scheme of assessment is also in process to meet more complex challenges of future in the specialized areas. Hopefully, upon completion of one Certification tenure of “PCC” a certified professional will also find a pathway to become Diplomat board of Prosthetics in concerned with respective area of “Specialization”.

This Part is Applicable in Only Approved Testing Center

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