Volunteering with PCCS

Various types of volunteer opportunities available regarding Professional Competency Certification Services;
You can choose the one that best suits your interests, skills, or time available

Volunteering is not very easy task but
becoming a volunteer is not difficult:
Join Us

TO BECOME A VOLUNTEER Please Fill the volunteer Request Form you can also   EMAIL US AT : volunteer@certification.pk
After a simple procedure you can get your volunteer login and become part of team.

Steps of volunteering:
1. Upload your credentials through Volunteer Request Form   and mention area of interest
2. You will be required to  understand agree to the terms of Confidentiality for acceptance
4. After receiving your submission that will be considered as a signed agreement.

5. You can develop assessment items, add images, videos, graphs and or audio in your login IT  Section of PCCS will be please to assist you regarding volunteering.
You can also email your items to IT section through volunteer@certification.pk for your
personal database.
You can contact us any time for any query or assistance.

Developing Assessment items

The quality questions and tests in each certification are written and assessed for accuracy, appropriateness, fairness and suitability for assessment according to certification criteria by volunteers having years long experience of domain, volunteers write items, submit images and videos and review all the questions on all our examinations. PCCS system of assessment have direct impact on the competencies needed to become credentialed.

Experts such as Consultants and faculty members become eligible to review questions, create assessment forms, and set the passing standards. Working on exam development is the first step toward moving into assessment governance within our organization. PCCS is proud to have such wonderful coordination of volunteers regarding development of assessment database vital for quality certifications.

Please find  statement of agreement regarding volunteer services:

Agreement Statement: I certify that the information given and filled in the form below/Documents submitted are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I further agreed that I will not disclose any information partial or total regarding my work or contents I shared as volunteer with PCCS for the fairness and Secrecy of assessment. This submersion shall be considered my signed statement of AGREEMENT

Volunteer Request Form

Suggestion about attachment through  “Choose File

Scan images of the following are required:

  1. Your Passport size formal Picture
  2. Your Professional Title
  3. Front Back of CNIC
  4. Highest Professional degree(s)
  5. Experience Letter

Paste the Scan copies of above items on MS-Word page and save this document as PDF.  Before uploading through Choose File Please confirm size of your pdf file. It should be less than 300KB.  Then click on Choose File to Upload the PDF file to complete this part of Volunteer Request Form.